There's an Illinois city that made a list, about being scary. Also on this list are places like Salem, Massachusetts, Sleepy Hollow, New York, and Kennecott, Alaska. You had me until the Alaska town...But let's see what's up in Illinois.

Alton, Illinois is listed as one of the scariest cities in the entire country. Alton, Illinois isn't a very big place. You're looking at around 25,000 people. It's really, really, south only about 20 miles from St. Louis. But why is this Illinois city so freaking haunted?

How did this small community in the Midwest earn the title as “America's Most Haunted Small Town”? It could be because of its sordid past of murder, war, death, and destruction dating back to the Civil War. Whatever the reason, many explorers have investigated and questioned the unexplained happenings and psychic phenomena that happen all around Alton. Sites that are noted to be extremely haunted include the infamous McPike Mansion, the First Unitarian Church, and the Milton School. TheDiscover

OK, I'm sold. When you dip back into things that happened in the "Civil War" era, and all the stuff that happened then...Ok that makes sense. Some terrifying methods used to kill folks, and the numbers killed back then...I can understand the "ghost" aspect of things.

So what's the deal with this city in Alaska, you might ask?

Kennecott, Alaska was a mining town that everyone just up and left. There you have it, Alaska has a legit "ghost town."

 Take a ghost town walking tour of the abandoned copper mining complex, and you’ll be surprised at just how massive this mine once was.



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