I imagine when Norm walks into Mary's Place, everyone knows his name.

What would happen if all of your favorite television shows were set here in Rockford, Illinois? Where would the cast of Grey's Anatomy hang after a long shift at the hospital? We asked around the office and here is what we came up with. What do you think?


Grey's Anatomy - Swedish American Hospital, District Bar and Grill

After a long shift at Swedish American Hospital, the only logical place to throw back tequila shots with Meredith and Christina would be over at District Bar and Grill. So close to the hospital, yet far enough away to not run into patients loved ones.

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Cheers - Mary's Place

There is the same charm with Mary's Place as there is at Cheers in Boston. Everyone is a Norm at Mary's, and everyone knows your name.

Cheers cast at NIck at Nite upfront
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Saved By The Bell - Beef-a-Roo

Sure, The Max was the coolest Bayside High hangout and we all dreamed of having a waiter who would serve us burgers and fries with a side of magic. Although The Max isn't here in Rockford, we do have Beef-a-Roo. High Schoolers love to hang here, probably because of the incredible cheese fries, which are a bit of magic themselves.

Saved By The Bell
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Seinfeld - Johnny Pamcakes

Jerry Seinfeld and his pals spent most of their time eating at Monk's Cafe. It's a charming neighborhood diner, where they sip coffee and enjoy breakfast. If this doesn't scream Johnny Pamcakes to you, then please... tell us where you would see Jerry.

Seinfeld: The Apartment
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Frasier - Meg's Daily Grind

Café Nervosa was the go to coffee spot for Frasier. Sometimes it was hard to find a seat because the coffee was so good. It reminds us so much of Meg's Daily Grind.

Frasier Finale Party
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Sopranos - Tiger Tail Lounge

The gang spent a lot of time at Bada Bing, so we assume they would fancy Tiger Tail.

Remembering Actor James Gandolfini - New Jersey
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