When you die, where would you pick to haunt in Rockford?

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"A Canadian hockey fan's obituary warned her beloved Edmonton Oilers that she will haunt the team's arena if they don't win a championship."

When you die, if you could pick. What place would you haunt as a ghost in Rockford?

You could go in all kinds of different directions with this one.

You could pick a place you hated to haunt.

  • School - teachers gave you bad grades
  • Work - you got laid off
  • Neighbor's house - they yelled at you to stay off the grass
  • Sibling's house - your brother or sister picked on you
  • City Hall - tired of your taxes being to high

Maybe a place you liked.

  • Bar - favorite place to hang out with friends
  • Forest City Queen - you enjoyed being out on the Rock River
  • CherryVale Mall - shopping was your thing
  • Showplace 16 - Add something to the movie experience
  • Cracker Barrel - Eat Breakfast all day

Where would my co-workers haunt?

  • Captain Jack says, "I would be the ghost of the Dairy House in Rockton and when they served ice cream cones, I would make them disappear."
  • Tina Fox says, "The BMO Harris Bank Center because there are always people there to mess with, you would get to see lots of shows, and the Coronado is already haunted."
  • Double T says, "I would haunt Chicago Rockford International Airport, that way if I needed a break I could easily take a vacation." 

Where would you haunt?

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