Next time a youngster asks you this age-old question, please refer to this.

Photo - Jason Sallee

Thanks to my buddy Jason and the city of Woodstock for answering the question, "where do babies come from"?

Jason is a traveling entrepreneur, and spotting this baby doll hanging from a tree in Woodstock. Creepy, yes. Funny, yes. Did someone get offended, of course!

If you are still confused by the question "Where do Babies Come From", here are 10 funny stories about parents the talk with their kids. Here is one of the stories:

My husband told my daughter we made her from Play-Doh, so now she’s been asking for a little brother and sister, and is offering her help to make them!
— Submitted by Lindsey Williamson

Thank you for the good laugh Jason, and yes I will pay you soon.