Last night I had to run to the store to grab some milk and wanted some onion rings.

It was probably close to 11pm and so I figured that Burger King on E. Riverside would be open. The other fast food restaurants in the area were still open, but they don't sell onion rings!

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So there I was driving down Riverside and didn't see their roadside sign lit.

I thought that was odd but kept driving.

As I getting ready to pull into their parking lot, I noticed the restaurant itself was completely dark.

I thought that was strange so I drove by it and saw a dumpster out front and the billboard, where they normally post featured items, said closed.

They just recently remodeled so to do so again seems a bit much.

And it's not like they don't do decent business. The drive-thru always has a line when I'm there.

So does anyone know what's going on? Will they be reopening? And if so, when?

Sincerely, A Lady Who Loves Onion Rings

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