It's going to be a warm summer night this Friday, an excellent night to spend watching a movie under the stars. 

There are 5 drive-in movies that are an hour to 2 hours from Rockford. Here's your guide to help you decide which one to go to this weekend.

Here's what's playing.

SkyVu Drive-In in Monroe, Wisconsin:

They will be playing movies on Friday and Sunday night and a special concert will take place on Saturday. The movies will be the same from last week. Cruella and then Raya The Last Dragon.

Both are great options if you are bringing kids with you.

Saturday, SkyVu will be playing a special concert starring Florida Georgia Line. I don't know much about the band but it looks like a good time.

Midway Drive-In Sterling, Illinois

This one is for the 90s kids out there. The 1990 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the first feature followed by the recent Kong vs. Godzilla. I've seen both of these. TMNT is the considerably better film. Kong vs. Godzilla is entertaining, just not good.

McHenry Drive-In McHenry, Illinois

This is the winner of the weekend for me. Speaking directly to my immature sense of humor. The Adam Sandler classic Billy Madison,followed up by Jim Carrey's Liar Liar. Two titans to dumb comedy on the big screen. Yes Please.

RT. 34 Drive-In Mendota, Illinois

They've been having a dinosaur theme the past few weeks and that continues this weekend. They will kick it off with the original Jurassic Park and then follow it up with Jurassic Park 3. I don't remember what happens in 3. The original is obviously a classic.

Highway 18 Drive-In Jefferson, Wisconsin

They will be running the same duo from last week, another evening for the kids. They'll kick it off with Spirit Untamed and then bring you a heavy dose of Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy in Shrek.

Have fun under the stars. Come back next week for the next slate of drive-in schedules.

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