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I had brunch at AERO Ale House a few weeks back, and when I went to use the restroom before we left....I saw a pretty troubling sign about the men's urinal. I wasn't prepared to think that morning, Sunday's I like to put the brain on cruise control....Well so much for that idea.

When you are standing at a urinal, gentlemen, what in the world are you doing? The big question is WHAT are you putting in the urinal that doesn't belong there.


O.K. so by "anything" was I not supposed to...pee? I'm guessing THAT is allowed, I hope?

But it got me really thinking, what could they be putting down the urinal? I know...that's a weird thought process, but we are taught to question everything these days so I'm questioning this....Let's "dig deeper," that's what the super smart T.V. stations do.

So there's the obvious answer, but what else. Maybe someone dropped some change into the urinal, that's possible. Was there a mask that fell in and got flushed down?

How about pens, a wallet, maybe ear buds, keys, Dokken "Tooth & Nail" cassette, a pager, a wedding ring, a can of soup, Tide Pods, vaccination card, a banana peel, cigarettes, a beer mug, a taco, Mitch Trubisky stat sheet, Spongebob Popsicle, Hotwheels Cars, man I give up...The possibilities are endless here!

Whatever it is, just don't do it I guess...Stick to #1 and nothing else. While that seems like a normal request, I guess it really isn't.

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