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What a difference four years can make on the bar scene in Rockford. I found this piece dated 2017, "The 10 Best Bars in Rockford, Illinois."

Now there are a couple that no longer exist, but I figured it would be worth traveling in the time machine back to 2017 and seeing if the rest are still tops in town.

Now I didn't come up with this, the credit goes to Shay Lee who starts the article by saying "While there may not seem to be much to do in Rockford..." It almost seems like that's the COOL thing to say by clueless but "way too smart" people. Thanks, Shay....here's a high five, to the head, with a chair...on with the list:

  • 1. Olympic Tavern - Always solid for sure.
  • 2. Octane - No complaints here.
  • 3. Mary's Place - This joint is one of a kind, Not from Rockford, just do it.
  • 4. Kryptonite - No longer open...also the only Rockford bar I've ever been kicked out of. All Double T's fault.
  • 5. Stone Eagle Tavern - The pulled pork at this place is ridiculous. 
  • 6. Oscar's Pub and Grill - Again, no complaints.
  • 7. Casey's Pub - Haven't been since the ownership change.
  • 8. Tilted Kilt - The entire building is gone.
  • 9. My Place Bar & Grill - Never been.
  • 10. Garrett's - I'm not a golfer, but never had a bad time there.

So that was 2017, what do you think? There are for sure others around town that should be on this list...I wonder what YOUR 2021 "Top 10 Bars in Rockford" list would look like?

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