And just in time for Summer! There's nothing better than a Wendy's Frosty after a long, hot day. Oh wait, yeah there is. A 50-CENT FROSTY! AKA the best kind of Frosty.

On Monday Wendy's announced the news that the price of a small Frosty would go down to just 50-cents for a limited-time. Here's their Instagram post with all of the glorious news ...

If you need a laugh, I highly recommend reading the comments. Wendy's replies to people are 10/10.

This awesome news comes after the even crazier news that Wendy's is bringing back their spicy chicken nuggets. And let me be the first to say there is NO shame in dipping a spicy chicken nugget into a Frosty.

Don't judge it until you try it. So shoutout to Wendy's for giving the people what they want, cheap ice cream and spicy nugs.

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