The town of Silvercreek Il, in Stephenson County has been operating under prohibition laws since the 1920's.


According to My Stateline Silvercreek Illinois will have a referendum on the ballot next week asking the town if they should continue the alcohol ban. Again, no booze in Silvercreek since the freakin' 1920's.

A group of Silvercreek residents helped get the referendum on the upcoming ballot. With talks of building a dirt race track in town this is something that would be needed for the track to be successful.

Here is the tricky part, proponents of this say the wording on the ballot may confuse some. A vote of "no" will allow the sale of alcohol in Silvercreek.

Again prohibition laws that are still intact locally, how crazy is that. Watch this video about the history of prohibition and the thought process about how it will change America.