This Sunday there is an emergency clean-up of the Harrison and 20th viaduct.

Photo - Joe Nepean
Photo - Joe Nepean

With snow on the way, this area is in need of some work. Those interested are gathering at the Aldi 2680 20th Street in Rockford at 11am this Sunday.

This is an emergency cleanup of these areas, and the community acting quickly before the weather is needed. Weather analysts are speculating our first measurable snow for Sunday night into Monday leaving a small window to perform this cleanup. The majority of the garbage is either already bagged or is simply plastic bottles.

Kids are always welcome at this Sunday's cleanup.  They will also have vehicles driving around to help people warm up if necessary.

If you want to help of need more info click on Joe Nepean Clean Up

Even if you can only help for an hour, any help would be appreciated.

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