For those who just couldn't get a handle on how to properly say our state's name, YouTube can help. 

I had to laugh when a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video that explains how to pronounce the word/state-name Illinois. I understand that YouTube has thousands and thousands of "how-to" videos on nearly every conceivable topic, but is Illinois really that confounding?

If you're a native, there are two ways. There's the right way, and the Ill-uh-noise way. Period.

However, here's the video help if you need it.

First, the wrong way:

Thanks for repeating several times there, Sparky. Once wasn't nearly enough.

Next, the right way:

At least this guy had the decency to lack any and all enthusiasm in his pronunciation. I can picture the director telling him to make sure that he really expressed some serious apathy. Mission accomplished.

I understand the need for pronunciation help for some places--like this:

That, my friends, is one smooth meteorologist. Nails it perfectly. And, I'm betting he didn't go online for a video to help.

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