Thousands of people gathered for an incredible concert in Chicago over the weekend. No, I'm not talking about Lollapalooza.

I can only type this blog for just a moment, because I've got to run out and catch them all.

I'm not going to lie, I'm hooked. I love Pokemon Go!

I didn't grow up as a lover of Pokemon, I think I was a bit too old for it. But I'm quite familiar with the little monsters that battle as my little brother was extremely into Pokemon.

Playing Pokemon Go, or at least attempting to, I'm no professional by any means, brings me back to a time where things were simpler.

For me and my generation, we didn't have cellphones until we were in college. We knew where our friends were by seeing their bicycles piled at one of their homes. We came home when the sun went down because it's when dinner would be served. We first learned technology by playing the Oregon Trail. We all died of dysentery in the game at least four times. It was easy. It was our childhood.

For the nay-sayers and those who think Pokemon Go are for losers, well you've got that completely wrong.

It's our generation who are happy to merge a piece of our youth with the present, with technology. We can share a bit of our childhood with our children. We are uniting, as one generation while having a ton of fun doing it.

I'm not sure if you knew, but there was a HUGE concert this past weekend in Chicago. No I'm not talking about Lollapalooza, I'm talking about what happened at The Bean on July 17th.

Thousands of Pokemon Go Players met together near Chicago's famed sculpture to sing the Pokemon theme song.

How cool is that!

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