As far as we know, this hasn't made it's way to Rockford quite yet.

By now, I'm sure you're aware of Pokemon Go. It's the game that requires to walk around. Yes, walk around. Like, not indoors either.

More like, walk around outside. While you're outside and walking around, you'll encounter Pokemon monsters and attempt to catch them using Pokeballs that you pick up at different Pokestops around whichever city or town you live in.

For some, Pokemon Go is the answer to all of their exercise woes. What if you want to play but don't feel like doing all that pesky walking around?

A guy in Des Moines started up his very own business. He calls it Pokedrive Des Moines. You guessed it, a Pokemon Go chauffeur.

The guy who created the service, Art Jeffries, also drives for Uber. Jeffries explained how the service works to The Chicagoist, "I'm charging an hourly rate for people to ride in my car and I take 'em around so they can play Pokemon GO safely."

How much does Jeffries charge? $20 the first hour, $10 every hour after that. He also gives everyone a chance to keep their phone charged while on the "hunt."

Sounds like a money making idea, but would something like this work in Rockford? Would you pay someone to drive you around town just so you can "catch 'em all?"

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