Check out this video of an abandoned waterpark in Illinois because it's creepy.

Every time I drive by the old Coco Key Waterpark on East State and I-90, I wonder what it looks like inside. It can't be good.

The very first waterpark I ever went to was in my hometown of Villa Park. It was called Ebenezer Floppen Slopper’s. Originally, it was just a giant waterslide. Other attractions were added later.

It was located on an old dump. The hill was nicknamed Mt. Trashmore. The slide was made of cement like an inground pool. You had to ride on foam mats otherwise your swimsuit would be ripped and your body scraped up.

It lasted a few summers but finally closed.

Since it was a cement slide on an old garbage dump, it was just abandoned. Eventually, the vegetation on the hill covered it from sight.

According to,

"This video gives you a look at what it looks like today."

Video: Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's Wonderful Water slides.

It's a shame how it ended up. Hopefully, they can do something with Coco Key before we ended seeing a video like this for it.

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