Here's a hilarious video of a deer playing along with the drum fill from the Phil Collins song, "In The Air Tonight."

Every time I hear the Classic Rock stable on 96.7 The Eagle, I wait patiently for that one special part of the song. It's because I have to air drum to the solo.

If you say you've never done it, I would call you out for lying.

Here's that drum part...

Video: In the Air Tonight (Drum Part Only)- Phil Collins

Up to this point in the life, this was my favorite version of that drum section. It's a movie scene featuring Mike Tyson in "The Hangover." Here it is...

Video: The Hangover - Mike Tyson in the Air Tonight

Now, I have a new top pick. Check out this one featuring a deer playing along with the tune.

Video: in the deer 2nite

Just because it's a great song, here's the full version.

Video: Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)

Remember this time of year in our area, there is a lot of deer running around. Be careful driving at night out in the country.

Speaking of drumming, here's a video of one my favorites.

Video: Classic Rock Smackdown - We Love Daxx Nielsen, Good Luck on The T.V.!


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