Here's a great video of a Chicago Cubs fan on the field stealing home during a concert at Wrigley Field.

I really enjoy going to Wrigley Field.

Cubs games are great.

Now, it could be one of my favorite places to check out summer concerts.

There is something special about being on the field for a show.

You can get close to the ivy on the outfield walls and dugouts.

This past weekend I noticed you can walk by the infield but they have it blocked off so you can't go on it.

That didn't stop a fan from living his lifelong dream.

He jumped the fence and headed towards 3rd base. He got a nice lead off and then stole home.

Talk about a bucket list item checked off.

Only one problem with his plan, as he slid into the plate, he was met by security.

His little adventure will cost him a few dollars in legal fees and fines.

Check out the video for yourself. He definitely made the most of his opportunity.

Video: Man steals home base during a concert at Wrigley Field

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

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