This story hits close to home. So, more often than not, coyotes have been spotted in neighborhoods across America. Every year it seems we see more and more of them. Some people say they are losing their natural fear of us, and that's not good, especially if you have pets. A Rockford local spotted a coyote in their yard and it even chased their dog back in the house. The whole thing was caught on video.

There are a few ways you can help to keep them out of your neighborhood. First, never leave food outside, You should also never leave your dog tied up outside. Another one is to never add meat or bones to your compost pile. Also, if you have fruit trees, always pick up the rotten fruit because coyotes are very opportunistic feeders.

Luckily, coyotes don't normally attack grown adults or large dogs, but it has happened before. Maybe worse than getting bit, coyotes can carry and transmit certain infectious diseases that can be easily caught by your dogs or cats. If you do see one in your neighborhood you can always call animal control, or try to scare them away by being really loud to run them off. Just keep your eyes open and your pets safe.

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