Like it or not, celebrate or not - it is almost Valentine's Day. Don't judge me when I tell you, I like Valentine's Day. I may have some hate in my heart, but there is room (just a little) for love in there too.

With or without a significant other - I like the day. Even if I am dating someone on Valentine's Day, I don't expect a full on production. I don't need roses delivered to me at work. I would much rather be gifted a 12-pack of beer over a dozen roses. Am I right?

The day can be whatever you make of it. No boyfriend or girlfriend? Do a 'Galentine's Day' with your girlfriends or a guys do a dudes night out. Do I sound like a Lifetime movie? Yep!

Now tell me what you think - do you enjoy the day, or do you think it is a Hallmark holiday? Although VD is still a week out - someone left this love note on my desk today (see picture below). I wonder who it's from? Happy Valentine's Day.

Maggie Meadows Photo
Maggie Meadows Photo




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