If you want to experience a festival that is strange and unusual, then Wisconsin has the perfect place for you.


Illinois And Wisconsin Don't Really Hate Each Other

There is an assumption that Illinois and Wisconsin hate each other. Of course, there's definitely a friendly rivalry between the two states but hate is way too strong of a word for their relationship. I would say it's more of like siblings. Well, except when it comes to sports teams.

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Illinois Residents Enjoy Visiting Wisconsin

The people of Illinois enjoy traveling beyond the Cheddar Curtain and spending time in Wisconsin. There are plenty of things to do especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Our neighbors to the north are also well known for their parties and festivals. Many of which are rather unusual. In fact, Wisconsin is home to one of the weirdest events in the United States.


One Of The Top Ranked Weirdest Festivals In the U.S. Is In Wisconsin

According to thrillist.com, 

The Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival in Prairie Du Sac is one of the weirdest in the United States. This year it's happening on September 2nd and 3rd.

Back in the day dried buffalo chips were used as fuel to warm the houses of the rugged pioneers.


Today Wisconsin honors this heritage with this turdtastic festival, with music, magicians, a “cow chip breakfast,” arts and crafts, and chip throws.

The rules are pretty simple. The size of a cow chip must be at least six inches in diameter. Oh, by the way, contestants aren't allowed to use gloves while handling the cow chips. That's just gross.

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Of course, this strange festival is much more than just throwing cow poop. There's food, beverages, entertainment, live music, an arts & craft fair, kids activities, 5K, and much more.

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