Forget the ugly Christmas sweaters, it's Halloween sweaters for 2019.

Every year in December your social media feeds are filled with friends at parties wearing those classic Christmas sweaters made famous by moms and grandmas everywhere in the 80s.

Because these parties are so popular, ugly holiday sweaters are harder to find at thrift stores. Plus you can buy new ones everywhere once the decorations start hitting the store shelves. But I'd call them more tacky than ugly.

Bands and movies are even getting in on the action.

Halloween, not wanting to be left out, is getting in on the ugly sweater trend.

Now you'll just have to wait and see if these parties will start taking over your social media feeds too.

I, however, must be a trendsetter because last year for Halloween I found a vest that reminded me of something Beverly Goldberg would wear on the hilarious ABC sitcom The Goldbergs. (Which if you're not watching this gem, get caught up now, you'll thank me! )

So I bought it and wore it out trick or treating with my kids:

Steph in her Halloween sweater 2018.
Steph in her Halloween sweater 2018.

To keep with "fashion" I'll have to wear it again this year.


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