You're familiar with Yelp!, right? It's a place where people run to complain about services leave reviews for businesses, especially bars and restaurants.

As odd as it may seem, some people leave reviews that go as far as including the business being haunted. Who would have thought?

To me, something would really have to spook me in order for my review to include the joint being haunted with spirits.

But I digress, there is a list of the most haunted places (businesses) in the Midwest on Yelp!

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View


This establishment in Northern Illinois did not make Yelp!'s list but it probably should have.

This bar/restaurant is "home" to a spirit who was murdered several decades ago.

Employees claim they saw a woman gliding around the room, utensils have supposedly launched across the kitchen or randomly fallen to the ground, and the same song would continually play the same song over and over "to most opportune times" for Mary Jane.

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This list is not numbered so it's up to you to experience each location for yourself if you dare.

The Country House, Clarendon Hills, Illinois
The Country House, Clarendon Hills, Illinois

The Country Home in Clarendon Hills made the list for good reason.

The back story for this business is a young woman who came into the restaurant, asked the bartender (whom she was dating at the time) to watch her baby. He said no and she left, got into her car, and purposefully crashed into a tree, which killed her.

She has been seen beckoning customers from an upstairs window, playing the jukebox in the middle of the night, blocking the door of the women’s room, or just walking through the dining room.

Old Town Tatu, Chicago, Illinois
Old Town Tatu, Chicago, Illinois

.Next on the list, also in Illinois, is Old Town Tatu in Chicago.

I couldn't specifics in regards to testimonials about the paranormal activity in the building, which originally was a funeral parlor and crematory, but I did find this from GhostlyWorld.

Founder Rich “Tapeworm” Herrerra once instigated a fight with the ghosts that were believed to haunt the parlor, and he challenged them to a fight to the death. Herrerra died just three weeks later in the building.

The article says employees and friends of Herrerra feel his presence today.

Find the entire list from YELP! is here.

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