Up for grabs at this Illinois cheese festival, two cheese championship belts.

There Is A Cheese Festival In Illinois

It is part of my whole, "learn something new every day" motto.

I had absolutely no idea that there was a cheese festival in Illinois. Cheese is kind of a Wisconsin thing. Their nickname is "Cheeseheads." Is that not like Florida hosting a snow festival?

Video: Cheeseheads

I swear sometimes people think I make this stuff. Seriously, this is a real event.

It is the 48th Annual Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival. Now, I really feel out of the loop. Forty-eight years? That is a long time without me ever hearing about it.

The event is held in Arthur, Illinois. The dates are September 4th through the 6th.

For more info, HERE.

What Is The Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival

According to arthurcheesefestival.com,

"Family fun for the whole weekend. Enjoy the festival atmosphere throughout Arthur. Eat a corn dog, sample the Free Cheese, take in a tractor pull, watch a parade, listen to some music, visit an Amish farm shop, shop the sales in town... just enjoy yourself. " 

Video: Arthur Cheese Festival

Now, let's get to the important stuff that happens at Annual Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival. I am talking about the championships up for grabs.

Who knew there were championships for cheese?

Championship Contests At Annual Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival

There is some serious cheese competition happening this year at the cheese festival.

The first event is the national title at the National Cheese Eating Championships. Someone will walk away named champion of eating cheese. That is a pretty impressive title for the whole United States.

But that is not all. Also, up for grabs at the festival.

The second championship on the line is the World title in the International Cheese Curling Championships. I know this is huge because it is for the entire world. I can not believe it is on the line in Illinois.

This is something I might have to check out in person. For schedule, HERE.

Though not for a championship belt, but an event you will not want to miss, the Cheese Chaser Kids Run. In this two-block race, participating child race against the festival's two mascots. They are Artie Mouse and Miss Slice.

Video: 2013 Amish Country Cheese Festival Road Run

Overall, it looks like an interesting time.

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