In this episode of "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford," he takes a visit to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.

I've been having a great time experiencing new things in Rockford. Once again, my friend, Andrea, from RACVB took me on another adventure.

This week we visited the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. We hung out at their offices which are located at the Riverfront Museum Park, 711 North Main Street in downtown Rockford. Besides the symphony, it's also the home of the Discovery Center, Rockford Art Museum, and Rockford Dance Company.

What an interesting place. I've never seen that much sheet music in my life. They have some really cool posters hanging up from past performances. Plus, they have a special room to go listen to recorded concerts. They have all their shows archived since they started playing at the renovated Coronado Performing Arts Center.

Special thanks to Michele McAffee for showing us around and giving us a Rockford Symphony Orchestra history lesson. She even had something special set up for me.

I got a trumpet lesson for a member of the symphony. My teacher was Mark Baldin. He's the Principle Trumpet Player for the Rockford Symphony. He also teaches trumpet to young inspiring musicians.

Mark was awesome. Since I've never played trumpet before, he was very patient showing me the ropes. I had a great learning the basics. He should me how to hold it, blow into it, and play notes. He's good because I actually ended up doing it. I played the trumpet. It was so exciting for me. I also enjoyed talking music with him. Plus, he was a good sport when I asked him some goofy questions.

I hope you enjoy my video from my visit to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and my trumpet lesson. That's a two for one. I've never been to the symphony and I never had a trumpet lesson before.

Video: Trumpet Lesson with the Rockford Symphony

The Rockford Symphony is something we can really be proud of in Rockford. They are so talented and put on incredible performances. Make sure to plan to go see them sometime soon.

Their next concert is "The Wizard of Oz" on October 28th. This is a very special event.

"Attend the complete 1939 classic film “The Wizard of Oz,” as the RSO performs the beloved soundtrack! New technology allows the original vocals and dialogue to remain intact while the score is performed live by the full orchestra, providing a brand-new way to immerse yourself in the wonders of Oz, the perfect family entertainment."

Thank you to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and RACVB for another fun episode of "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford."

I can't wait to share my next adventure with you.


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