This Saturday, the Rockford Symphony Orchestra is hosting a musical instrument drive benefiting the music programs in the Rockford Public School District.

I think it's time for some spring cleaning.

I'm always amazed at what I find buried in storage at my house.

If it's something I haven't used in awhile, I like to pass it on to someone who might need it.

As you are going through your basement, attic, or garage, have you found anything interesting?

How about that old instrument you played in school?

You're never going to use that again, so how about donating it to a good cause?

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra is holding its annual musical instrument drive this Saturday, May 12th from 10am-2pm at Kresge Hall in Riverfront Museum Park located at 711 N. Main Street in downtown Rockford. It benefits Rockford Public School District music programs.

"Bring your instruments to have them assessed and make your donation. Instruments in good playable condition with be accepted for classroom use. Instruments that need repairs or are unplayable will be accepted to be used as art projects, decor, etc (with donor's permission). Instruments that are not urgently needed by the Rockford Public Schools will be donated to surrounding schools. Instrument donations are tax deductible."

For more info go HERE.

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