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We are coming up on a year, of doing either Zoom or Teams meetings on the regular. Instead of gathering at work or all at one location, sitting behind your computer and looking at little faces has become the "norm." I actually went to a meeting about a week ago, there were about twelve of us in one room. We were all spaced out nicely, and kept our social distance. Human interaction, so weird.

I've seen and heard some great excuses over the last year of why people can't attend a virtual meeting. So much so, that it becomes a game of "what terrible excuse will someone give this time." Everything from babysitting issues to auto trouble. Yes, technology can fail us at times I get that...But really, people? I actually heard someone walking past another person's computer saying "I'm too busy for that." Yep, heard that loud and clear. You know you can do these on your phone NO MATTER where you are, right?

Let's have a good laugh at these ones from across the pond, they are super funny and I look forward to hearing them in the near future in my own experiences.

From POKE they list the "Top 10 Excuses to Get You Out of a Zoom Meeting." We are going to highlight the top six, these are magical.

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