If you want to improve your grocery shopping experience, here are some ways to help.

When my family had our draft for chores, one I ended up with was the grocery shopping. My wife hates it, so I took one for the team and claimed it.

My pre-COVID-19 routine was causal. I'm basically a pretty chill shopper. My wife and daughter give me a list of what they want. I usually don't write anything down for myself. I go on feeling. I cruise up and down the aisles and look for things that jump at me. My day is Monday afternoons after I get off work, so it's not busy. It takes some time but there's no stress.

This COVID-19 era is more complicated. As I'm driving to the store, I start feeling the pressure. My gameplan doesn't work anymore. I want to get in and out. There's no time for browsing. I need to treat a shopping trip like a mission. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to accomplish that.

I need some assistance stepping up my grocery shopping game. Maybe, you're like me and haven't adjusted well. I think it's time for some professional help. Luckily, I found some.

According to mashable.com,

  • Plan - "If you arrive prepared, it can at least be a more efficient process."  
  • List out everything - "Figure out exactly what you need. You can divide your list up by sections."
  • Download the right tools - "Recipe and grocery shopping apps do a lot of the legwork for you."
  • Divide and conquer - "Your partner can take all the frozen and refrigerated items while you hit up the produce section. Meet at the parking lot."
  • Shop smart - "Your shopping lists will come in handy for this, especially if organized by category."
  • Just don't go - "If you can get an online grocery delivery to come to your house, you can avoid the store altogether." 

I think these simple ideas can help me and hopefully, you too.

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