Most homeowners in Rockford are stuck raking leaves, so here are some tips to make it a little bit easier.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.

There are so many great activities to enjoy like football, Halloween, and visiting an apple orchard. The weather is nice because it cools off enough to wear hoodies. Plus when the leaves change colors, it looks so amazing around Rockford.

Unfortunately, that means it's time to start raking those leaves.

My method is hoping the wind blows them into my neighborhoods yard. That usually doesn't work out.

There was a time when you could hire the kid next door to do it, but now they are too busy playing video games to help.

So if you're stuck doing it yourself, here are some tips to help make it easier.

They are from

"Tips for raking leaves like a pro."

  • Avoid the wind - Raking in the wind is like spitting in the wind. It's not smart to do. In fact, the wind is not your friend when it comes to raking.
  •  Patience - I think every time a leaf falls on my neighbor's lawn, she is out there picking it up. Taking care of the leaves in your yard this way will take so much longer. Wait until your trees are bare and then go for it.
  • Use the right tools - I originally used an old rake my Dad gave me. I think it was from the 70's. It was horrible, but I didn't want to waste money on buying a new one. When I finally did, it made a huge difference.
  • Take care of your body - I hurt my back a few years ago and it was the worst. It took me weeks to recover. When you are doing physical activities like raking, please be careful. I know it sounds funny, but use proper technique and take plenty of breaks.
  • Work smart - Have a plan. One time I raked all my leaves into a huge pile in the middle of my yard. It ended up being a big crash pad for the neighborhood kids. By the time they were done, I was back to square one.
  • Rake when it's dry - Besides swimming, everything else is much harder when it's wet, including raking leaves.
  • Using a mulching mower - This is what I usually do. It makes life so much easier by just adding a couple of steps to mowing.

I hope these tips help with your lawn raking chores this fall.

Do you have any good tips to share?


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