This Wisconsin town is soooo small (how small is it) getting away with "cutting one" isn't possible, they know who dealt it.

What's in a town name, especially a small town. Everything, thanks for asking. I always enjoy the names of tiny towns and their back stories. Someone had an uncle that owned a bar, and there was a horse, and a it. Talk Alfolkey,'s north of Freeport and I'm pretty sure you can still get glass bottled milk delivered to your front step. These types of small towns are the best.

Let's look at these Top Five Smallest Towns in Wisconsin. Cold beer, a great burger, a post office a church and maybe pet chickens? Oh, and Ray's Homemade Sausage.


  • 5. Deer Park - 216 folks, blink and miss it
  • 4. Van Dyne - 279 and a Supper Club
  • 3. Delta - 273 and snowmobiles 
  • 2. Waukau - 255, very political peeps
  • 1. Hollandale - 288 on the Pecatonica River

Hollandale is our big winner, or I mean our small winner. 288 people and it's located on the Pec River. You're not getting away with a thing in that small town! ONLY

Just missing the cut was Unity, Wisconsin...a town that proudly displays a sign the home of "Ray's Homemade Sausage." What you got, Ray? You have your own sign...what's so special about it.

If you have ever been to one of these places, let me know. Maybe just a review of the supper club in Van Dyne. I will travel for great food, even to a town of 279.

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