An adult product ended up on the State of Illinois auction website and had to be taken down.

I've always wondered what happened to the things that were confiscated by TSA at the airport.

According to,

The stuff gets put up for auction by the State of Illinois through a website called iBid. Thousands of items have been sold that way.

This particular one slipped through the cracks... “Exotic Stripper/Dancing Pole with bag.”

How does this end up on their site?

"Everything is reviewed for legality and appropriateness. In this case, the item is used for a legitimate exercise and sport."

It was a popular listing.

"It appeared to be the hottest item on the site, with 946 “views” and 21 bids. A used school bus with a starting price of just $1,000 and zero bids had 873 views."

Imagine being able to make the purchase without having to worry about your computer a nasty virus.

A spokesperson said... "The pole was unfortunately mischaracterized and has been removed at this time for further review.”

FYI... the starting bid was $5.


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