Just when you thought a trip down Route 2 between Rockford and Byron was scenic enough, along comes a challenger.

Don't get me wrong, the drive down Route 2 when fall hits is pretty awesome but according to Yahoo! the "Most Scenic Drive" In Illinois is:


"Grandview is a relatively short stretch of road, but along it are some of the nicest homes in the state and outstanding views of the Illinois River. In 1910 Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed it “the world’s most beautiful drive,” so it has that going for it too."

So where is Grandview? Because I've never heard of it, I decided to check it out.

According to the Grandview Drive Wiki page, it's "a two and a half mile scenic road with adjacent park areas through Peoria and Peoria Heights, Illinois."

The Wikipedia entry also says the road "stretches from Prospect Road to Illinois Route 29."

Taking a quick "ride along" using Google Maps shows what can't really be disputed. The views, coupled with some of the amazing homes really show why Grandview Drive is the "Most Scenic Drive" in Illinois.

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