The city of Rockford is always looking for ways to improve the downtown and I believe this idea could really help.

I enjoy going to downtown Rockford for events.

This summer has been great.

There is something that does bother me.

When I use one of the parking garages, they usually smell like urine.

I know that would be very hard to police but I think I might have a solution.

"How do you solve a problem like public urination?"

"Officials in Paris are trying one eyebrow-raising solution to clean up the mess, literally. Four eco-friendly open-air urinals have been set up throughout the French capital for people who can't hold it in any longer to pee to their heart's delight."

Even though many residents are happy with this solution, it has worked.

"Officials are happy with the outcome and played up the eco-friendly aspect, noting that the pee in the urinal is utilized as compost for parks and gardens."

I have to admit, it's kind of awkward.

Check out the picture of one.

From CNN International Twitter feed...

I think it might be a little different in a parking garage. Maybe, not as weird.

If people would actually use them in Rockford, that would help with the gross smell.

What do you think?

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