Love your partner, but hate their snoring? This buzzer could be just what you're looking for.

Somnibel is a device that's about the size of an egg and is a rechargeable device that you can stick to your's or your partner's forehead before you go to sleep if you happen to snore.

According to the manufacture, the device is lightweight so it's somewhat comfortable to wear while your sleeping. It can also be programmed to fit the needs of the patient wearing it.

So how does Somnibel work exactly?

If you were to roll onto your back the device will shock you in order to get you to roll back to your side. The user can adjust the amount of shock the device is sending out.

This is just crazy that this product actually exists! But if your partner snores as much as mine does, you might be willing to consider ANYTHING just to get a decent night's sleep. Because believe me those Breathe Right strips aren't cutting it!

Still not sold, check out the sales video:

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