You know the Bears are going to lose again this week, so here are other options to do in Rockford.

I'm a huge Bear's fan, so it breaks my heart to see them play so bad. I didn't have high expectations for this season, but I was hoping it wouldn't be this horrible.

This Sunday they play the Pittsburgh Steelers. There's no chance they are going to win that game. It's not going to be pretty. Don't waste your time watching the game. It will just make you angry.

Here's a list of things to do in Rockford this Sunday instead of watching the Bear's game.

  • World War II Days at Midway Village - Fighting may be pretend, but at least there's going to be a battle.
  • Public Ice Skating at Carlson Ice Arena - There will be some athletic skills shown.
  • Bittersweet Observations at Rockford Art Museum - Check out some beautiful artwork.
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony at Anderson Japanese Gardens - Witness pride and tradition.
  • Steel Magnolias at Rockford University - This play will entertain you.
  • Bruce Munro: LIGHT at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens - Combination of flowers and art will make for a soothing day.
  • Edwards Apple Orchard - I always find it funny to see all the fans there during the bye week, no reason to wait this year.
  • Severson Dells - Spend some time with nature.
  • CherryVale Mall - Go shopping for some gear for another team.
  • WM Day Spa - Pampering yourself always feels good.

Hopefully, that will give you some other options for this Sunday.

In full disclosure, I don't want to lie to you. I will be attending the game at Soldier Field. I already had the tickets and the Steelers don't come to town very often to play.


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