Here are a couple of things not to try, if you go camping in Wisconsin.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people from Rockford spend at least some of their free time in Wisconsin? Especially in the summer.

There are the people that have campgrounds they go to every weekend. Some people take the family for their annual vacation. Other people will get out of town for a long weekend.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I-90 is jammed with cars every weekend. Good thing they put in I-Pass, because remember how backed up the Rockton toll would get going north on Fridays and back south on Sundays.

My friends that have places on the other side of the "Cheddar Curtain" usually refer to it as "Going Up North." You can't invite them to do anything during a weekend in the summer, because they are "Going Up North."

I've joined them a few times. It's a good time, but sometimes it does get a little crazy. They really let loose. There are things they will do, that they normally wouldn't.

Here are a couple of videos of activities that I would avoid if you are going camping in Wisconsin this summer.

If you purchased a new fishing boat, but you don't have an actual trailer. This method of getting your boat there is not recommended.

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If you are going to venture to the other side of the lake, I suggest bringing enough beer to last. If you run out, there is probably a better way to reload.

Video: The proper way to pass a beer


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