My parents would have gotten into big trouble if I was a kid nowadays.

I enjoy telling my daughter stories about when I was a child. Half the time, she doesn't believe me. She'll ask me how I got away with that.

I usually tell her that things were a lot different back then.

For example, if we were out to dinner when I was a baby and I got crabby, they would put a little bit of beer in my bottle. Suddenly, I would be in a much better mood.

If someone did that today, they would probably end up in jail.

There are so many more examples.

"If I were to let my children recreate some of that 1980s magic I used to experience, I could very easily be fined, investigated, or even spend a night in the slammer."

  • Riding in the back of a pick-up truck - I remember my whole baseball team hopping in the back of my coach's truck to go get ice cream after the game. None of the parents cared that it was very dangerous. Now, that truck wouldn't make it out of the parking lot before getting pulled over.
  • Being left alone in the car - My parents would go to the store and I would stay in the car by myself. It would still be running too. They would be gone for several minutes. Nobody would take that chance anymore.
  • Leaving kids home alone - I would be left home alone all the time. It wasn't a big deal back then. After school and on the weekends at night if my parents went out. There was no fear. Do it today and your neighbor will immediately call child services.
  • Helmets - The only time I wore any protective gear was playing football. Otherwise, it was a free for all. Skating boarding, biking. sledding, or any other risking activities.
  • Seat Belts - No one even thought about wearing them. In fact, on one family vacation, my Dad pulled out the back seat of our car and put in my crib in its place. I wouldn't want to have to explain that to a State Trooper if I got pulled over.
  • Buying cigarettes or alcohol for your parents - I never did this one, but I had friends that did. My buddy's parents would send him down to the neighborhood gas station to get smokes. The place would get a huge fine or even lose their license for letting that happen now.
  • Walking anywhere alone - As a kid, I would ride my bike and walk everywhere. I never told my parents where I was going. As long as I was home by 6 pm for dinner, I was good. Today, I don't let my daughter go anywhere alone.

Those are just a few. Can you think of more?

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