A new up-close encounter with sharks is waiting for you at Shedd Aquarium.

Want to get close to some sharks? Want to learn their roles in our ecosystem? This might be the experience for you.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning Shedd Aquarium will be hosting shark feeding tours for kids 10+ through up adults. Ticket prices for his experience ar $95 for adults and $80 for kids (non-members) but does include a general admission pass for each participant.

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Enter the animal-care area to witness mealtime with the ocean's most dynamic, and misunderstood, predators. You'll learn how we prepare diets of restaurant-grade seafood for each species. See how the guitarfish, sawfish, and sharks have been trained to respond to each one's version of a dinner bell. You can even have a hand in feeding some of the other fishes.

You can learn more about Shedd's shark feeding tour here.

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