In the Rockford area, there are way too many abandoned Businesses.

Abandoned Buildings In The Rockford Area

For the most part, I am happy with the city of Rockford. It is my home and I am proud to say that. Every town has issues, even the almighty Naperville.

One thing that I wish we could do something about is all the abandoned buildings of former Rockford businesses. If you drive around the area and really pay attention, you will witness a lot of them.

Before a new business builds a new place, I wish they would consider taking over an empty space. Also, it frustrates me when a store leaves for a new location and they just move across the street or down the block and they leave another empty structure.

Let Us Play A Game

Do you want to play a game? Okay, here it is.

I will give you photos of abandoned buildings around the Rockford area. Can you name what business was formerly in that location?

You receive a point for everyone you guess correctly. Another score for knowing the locations. There are bonus points if you name multiple businesses that were also in that same spot.

Here are the photos to check out...

Name The Former Rockford Businesses

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

How did you do? I hope you did not cheat to get the answers.

Can you think of any other former Rockford area businesses that I might have forgotten?

If you are into the abandoned building thing, I suggest checking out the "Mall Aholic Retail Channel" on YouTube, HERE.

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