If you plan on traveling on the Metra on the weekends, expect to see warm fuzzy creatures on board.

pets now allowed on Metra trains
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

The Metra has taken part in a pilot program which will change the way you ride the Metra on the weekends.

Now, on the weekends, Metra trains will now allow pets on board.

This has been in the trial stages since October according to ABC7, but is now a permanent change.

You can now bring your small pets, in enclosed carriers, on the train. These carriers are not allowed to take up seats, seating areas or obstruct pathways on trains or in stations. These carriers must be small enough to be carried by one person. So if you are hoping to bring your 100 pound dog, that won't work.

Pets must remain in the carrier for the entire ride. Pets in carriers must be kept on a passenger's lap or under the seat at all times.

Metra goes on to explain that pets are also allowed on all holidays with a Sunday schedule.


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