These adorable dogs are all in their senior years, but are full of love and life.

Dog owners understand that having a pup is one of life's greatest pleasures. Dogs bring joy to young and old. They become treasured members of the family and provide so much love.

Everyday when I scroll through social media, there are so many videos of rescue dogs. It breaks my heart that I can't take them all in.

Some dogs get looked over more than others. Senior dogs. Although they may be in their senior years, they still have lots of life and love to share.

I hope that by sharing their photos and stories, you or someone you know may be moved enough to bring one of them home.

1. Seamus in Sycamore


Seamus is 10.5 years young. He has incredible energy! Seamus enjoys playing with other dogs and greatly prefers female husky companions. He has had a lot of obedience work but he did not receive a lot of training before he was surrendered. Seamus is available to an adult-only home due to food/toy possession issues. Seamus would be great in a home dedicated to maintaining rules and structure.

Learn more about Seamus HERE.

2. Maggie May in Freeport


Maggie May is a 9 years old Chow/Shepherd mix. She's still very active for age. She loves her cookies, and toys.

Learn more about Maggie May HERE.

3. Leola in Woodstock


Leola lost her home when her owner lost his home. She is having a hard time adjusting to life here at the shelter. She is considered a senior citizen so she'd be free to an approved senior citizen.

Learn more about Leola HERE.

4. Lulu in Marengo


Lulu is sweet and cuddly. Her owner went into a nursing home and it was heartbreaking for Lulu. They were best friends. Lulu loves to sit on laps and go for walks. She is looking for someone to snuggle. She is 11 years old and gets along with cats and dogs very well. When Lulu was in someone else's care, she had a seizure. Vets believe it was an isolated incident as she hasn't had another seizure after being put on medication. She is very healthy.

Learn more about Lulu HERE.

5. Shaq from Geneva


Shaq is 12.5 years old with functional vision, hearing and teeth. Shaq has a huge personality. He likes to be snuggled, sit outside and watch the birds and has learned to sit back and enjoy his little niche in the world because it is difficult for him to move around. Shaq has no use of one of his back legs and some spontaneous movement in the other. He pulls himself towards his destinations. Shaq is currently being treated for both struvite crystals and a UTI. This is an ongoing challenge. Shaq would love to be in a home that is able to provide swim therapy for him along with other possible treatments to prevent loss of strength and comfort in his upper body while maintaining the strength and flexibility he has in his lower body.

Learn more about Shaq HERE.