What does it take to be a "smart" city? Does Rockford have what it takes to make a list of "smart" cities in Illinois? Let's take a look at the top 5, and see who makes the grade. Zippia

Our friends at Zippia did some number crunching, and for sure didn't go the "Cliff Notes" route on this information. Here is how this list was put together to see who is smart in Illinois:

We looked at the percentage of adults (over 25) with at least a high school degree and the percentage of high school drop outs (aged 16-20) for the 340 largest cities in Illinois with data. We then crunched the numbers and were left with this set of the brightest cities - Zippia 

So we will just start here, Rockford does not make the top five or the top ten...Actually, they don't make the top three hundred. Yikes. Roscoe and Rockton come in higher than Rockford, but they don't crack the top fifty.

So here's the "Top 5 Smartest Cities in Illinois"

  1. Lake Bluff
  2. Western Springs
  3. Winnetka
  4. Glencoe
  5. Campton Hills

Well congrats to you...show offs. I bet you were all teachers pets, and always did the extra credit. You guys ruin it for everyone else. LOL

So where does Rockford come in at on this list of the "smartest cities" in Illinois? Well, with 340 cities listed, Rockford comes in at...


Hmm, well shoot. I still like you Rockford...We are just smarter in other ways. Right?

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