As the "summer train" comes rolling into town, what Illinois bodies of water can you jump into, where your skin isn't going to turn green? You don't want to be sharing your swimming area with a three-eyed fish or anything else icky. BeyondTheTent

Pewaukee Lake Summer Sunset
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Let's check out three different natural spring, refreshing, bodies of water in Illinois that you can enjoy with the entire family...No three-eyed fish, I promise.

Damon Panek, NPS./Apostle Islands National Lakeshore via Facebook
Damon Panek, NPS./Apostle Islands National Lakeshore via Facebook

The first one is about six hours south of Rockford, but the build up on this one sounds amazing!

Bell Smith Springs - Located in the Shawnee National Forrest. Here's a great, natural swimming hole for you and the kids in the Shawnee National Forrest. The "Devil's Backbone" is a lookout in the Forrest to keep an eye on all of the beauty this location offers.

Bork Falls - Surprise, surprise, this place is located in the exact same place as the first the Shawnee National Forrest. Here's an interesting fact if you are looking forward to taking the family here:

Despite the breathtaking splendor it offers, this location isn’t often busy, so you’re not likely to get suffocated by a crowd - BeyondTheTent


Silver Springs State Park - Located in Yorkville, IL this one is only a little bit more than an hour away from Rockford! The name has meaning, the bubbling natural spring has a shiny silver look to it. There's fishing, hiking, and yes...swimming. This spot seems like a no-brainer.


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