How about a positive Chicago White Sox story for a change.

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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July 12th 1979, disco music died in Chicago.

Thank you Chicago rockers, thank you Chicago White Sox and thank you Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl.

For $0.98 a ticket you could bring a disco album to Comiskey Park and watch it get blown up. What could possibly go wrong?

Some say it was just a giant radio stunt that did nothing to "destroy" disco music. Others say that this event  was the beginning of the end for disco.

The event went like this, a crate filled with disco records brought by fans were blown up on the field between double header games. It was the Sox and the Detroit Tigers.A majority of the rowdy rockers in attendance had come to see the explosion and not the game. Tie one one and at the end rush onto the field post explosion, sounds like a great plan huh?

After the albums were destroyed the playing field was damaged to the point where the White Sox had to forfeit the game, losing both of the evenings contests.

Average attendance was around 15,000 for White Sox home games in 1979, 50,000 showed up for this "radio stunt".

How about a drunk version of what happened that night? Enjoy this video from Comedy Central. I have officially filled my White Sox requirement for 2016.



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