Tina Fox loves root beer so lets put her to the challenge.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

In this weeks episode of "Tina Tries It" we blindfold her and make her hold a snake. I'm kidding Tina, but someday.

Tina claims to know her root beer, so lets see how well. I purchased four different types of root beer, sorta, and the rest is up to her. I even landed super fancy glasses for the challenge, class this joint up a little bit.

Here are the "root beer" flavors that Tina sampled:

  • Barqs
  • A&W
  • Mug
  • Mystery Flavor

Wait, mystery flavor? You have to watch the video.

She thought one was an actual beer, referred to one as what old people like, and really surprised me on another.

Oh, back to the snake thing. Snakes are Tina's biggest fear. Look for that video at some point.

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