During the many times in my life that I've used a red plastic party cup, I never knew it was invented in Chicago.

I have a huge family with lots of cousins, so when there was a holiday each kid got their own cup. It was a red plastic one and you wrote your name on it with a marker.

In college, I paid $5 for a red plastic cup and got to drink out of the keg at a party.

I never thought too much about it.

They really seem to be a big deal nowadays. There are songs about them. Don't forget about beer pong.

Now, I find out their history is close to home.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"The Holy Grail of party cups, the Solo red party cup, was invented in Chicago."

The Solo company was started in the Chicago area during the 1930's.

It's funny because there is no real history of why or exactly when the cups were invented. They basically just came up with the concept, it seemed like a good idea, and they started making them.

Since 1973, the cups have been made in Urbana, Illinois.

Dart Container Company purchased Solo in 2012.

Next time you are at a party, remember you're drinking out of a Windy City original.


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