You've probably seen one of these little guys outside in the past few months.  Or if you're like me you see hundreds outside of your house a day, and even more inside.  Well, it's finally getting cold out, and that means those bugs are going to try and make their journey into the house to stay warm.

If you see one in your home, your first instinct of any bug will probably kick in and you'll try and squish it with a tissue, BUT DON'T DO THAT!  You will regret it.  They're called a stink bug for a reason, and the smell will take over an entire room instantly.  On top of that if any 'remains' get on you it can be irritating.

So what's the best way to avoid having these in your home in the next couple weeks?

First off, do your best to make sure they don't get inside.  Repair any holes in screens, and seal all windows and doors properly.

Second, have a way to dispose of them the right way handy.  A lot of people use a vacuum with a removable bag.

Me? I go ahead and flush that thing right down the toilet.  And laugh while I do it.  Sorry, not sorry.

If you've got a real issue with them, put a bowl of soapy water under a desk lamp to make a stink bug trap.  The bugs are attracted to light and can't swim.

I'll leave you with one last reminder... DON'T. SQUISH. THEM.

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