Now open in Illinois, the very first Nerf Gun indoor battle arena.

I Wish I Was A Kid Again

There are a lot of places to go, activities to do, and things to see for kids nowadays. Many more than when I was growing up.

This could be the coolest I have seen in a while. It is quickly moving up the list and has a very good chance of hitting the top for Illinois.

In Peoria, Illinois, they have opened an indoor battle arena for Nerf Guns.

Video: Blue Falcon Battle Ground

These Are Not My Nerf Toys

When I was a child, the only Nerf Toys out were sports-related, basically just balls. I remember having a football. I also had a Nerf Hoop and ball.

Video: Nerf Commercials from 1988

Now, they have all kinds of cool products. I think my favorite may be the Nerf Gun. The first time I saw one was at my nephew's house. He loved to play with them. I was not afraid to join right in.

Video: NERF Official | 'NERF Elite Infinus' Official Commercial | NERF Nation

The only problem is that a house is not the proper location for a serious Nerf Gun Battle. There is not enough room and the Nerf Darts were too easy to lose.

Someone in Peoria, Illinois has come up with an excellent solution to this issue. They have opened up the very first Nerf Gun Indoor Battle Arena and it has plenty of room for activities.

Video: Blue Falcon Battle Ground

Welcome To Blue Falcon Battle Ground

According to Blue Falcon Battle Ground Facebook page...

"Schedule a battle today and unleash your inner war-fighter in Peoria's only state-of-the-art NERF battle arena!"


"Players are provided with a Nerf Blaster and safety glasses and placed on a team."


"Games are guided by a referee and teams are given an objective to complete in a 5-10 minute time period."

For more info, HERE.

If they opened one of these in Rockford, I think I would purchase a season pass.

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