July 8th, 2016 at the Rockford Speedway, Eddie Money put on one heck of a show for the Rockford Town Fair. I can remember being blown away at how large of a man he was. As he walked by me backstage dressed in a nice suit coat and tie, I thought "that is the most professional looking rocker I've ever seen."

He was polite, gracious, had a great sense of humor and today lost his battle to cancer. Eddie Money was a hit-making machine. One of those artists that those who don't know who he is, you could play a handful of his hits and everyone would go, 'Ohhhh, I know him!'

One of my favorite Eddie Money quotes comes from our very own, Double T:

I interviewed him years ago and he said, "I might have gotten fat but I didn't get Mike Reno (Loverboy) fat."


You were a talent, never at a loss for words, and a hit-making machine. Rest in Peace, Eddie Money.


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