We all scream for ice cream, and for a new female Mayor in Freeport.


The co-owner of Freeport's Union Dairy (Yum) is now the new Mayor of Freeport. Congratulations to Jodi Miller.

Not only is this the first time in Freeport’s history for a female Mayor, but the first time that Freeport was asked to elect a  "part time" Mayor.

I asked Danielle Rogers, the Executive Director of Downtown Freeport what exactly a "part-time" Mayor means:

We are switching from a Mayoral form of government to a City Manager form of government. So we'll have a 40 hour a week City Manager and a 20 hour a week Mayor.


History was made in Pretzel City, and it appears that the community spoke loud and clear with it's choice. Freeport was founded in 1827, and in 2017 a landmark event took place that will hopefully put the city on the right track to growth and positive changes.

With the birth of the "All In" movement, and a fresh face and voice taking over the city, I look forward to action. The time for talking and planning has reached an end, action in Freeport is needed.

Best of luck to Jodi Miller, I will be stopping by for my favorite Mint Chip ice cream soon.


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