It's all in how well you sell it...Well done "bird" people.

There's a "campaign" going around, that BIRDS are not real...anymore.

WREG in Tennessee invited this well groomed young man onto LIVE TV to talk about something he takes very serious, dude. The government watching us, using FAKE BIRDS. Again, this is all in the delivery folks.

Allow me to introduce you to Peter, from the "Birds Aren't Real" Campaign. According to young Pete, millions of birds were killed off by the government between 1959-2001 and have been replaced by bird "drones" to watch our every move. So the bird feeders on my deck, the massive amount of seed I've purchased is feeding...robots.

The fact that not only this news channel, but many others have allowed Peter and his bird people on to shows to speak about this "campaign" is the greatest part. Enjoy!

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